April 21, 2020

Updates from our work during the last months 

Equipping the Kiboga District of Uganda with COVID-19 Medical Supplies and Knowledge

Due to the decision made by the Israeli Ministry of Health regarding the full recall of all Israeli medical personnel back to their public positions in the Israeli healthcare system, we had to return to Israel and pause our ongoing presence in Uganda for the first time in over six years.


July 11, 2019

Updates from our work during the first half of 2019

Israel Medicine on the Equator – Building a sustainable model for healthcare systems in rural Africa

Dear friends and partners,

We are happy to present you our work in the first half of 2019. We are delighted by the many how much progresses we had over this time. In the midst of it – an enhancement of our work with our great partners and supporters- Solel Boneh Uganda, MASHAV a...

December 31, 2018

Happy 2019 to our Ugandan and Israeli friends and partners

Israel Medicine on the Equator – Building a sustainable model for healthcare systems in rural Africa

Dear friends,

As our project is growing, creating new partnerships and advancing toward a sustainable model- please receive these following updates of our recent work.

Happy New Year 2019!

The project's staff and volunteers.

The Interdisciplinary Diabetes Clinic in Kiboga


September 4, 2018

Happy New Jewish year to our Ugandan and Israeli friends and partners

Israel Medicine on the Equator – Building a sustainable model for health systems in Rural Africa

Summary of our News:

  • New interdisciplinary diabetes clinic in Kiboga

  • Welcoming a new Director for Kiboga Hospital

  • Historic MoU between the Ugandan and Israeli Medical Associations

  • Planning a new clinic to prevent Cervical Cancer

  • Developing a...

May 24, 2015

We are back home. It’s easy to get used to electricity 24-7, to a warm shower, to being able to drink water straight from the tap. To supermarkets that sell all the things we missed.

We are back at work. It’s still looks unreal to us that over 10 doctors are working in one single department, with only 40 patients. That one patient is examined by a number of doctors, experts and consultants. That a patient that is in need of a t...

February 11, 2015

Malaria Season

In Uganda the wet season lasts most of the year. During the wet season it rained every single day, and everywhere you looked everything was green. Our garden overgrew and gave us many vegetables, and the weather was warm and pleasant. In the beginning of December the rain stopped and the dry season started, along with unbearable heat. A full blown Israeli summer, but without the air conditioning. Along with the d...

November 21, 2014

Eight and a half months have passed and by now we feel at home in Kiboga. We know the hidden corners around town and where to get everything we need. We know the shop owners and the best market stall to go to. We are used to the tropical weather, to the power outs, to the Ugandan time and rhythm, to the local humor and special take on English.In the hospital we feel like we are largely familiar with the staff, each with his sp...

September 16, 2014

Generally speaking

It's been six months since we arrived in Uganda. Time flies…  After getting to know the wards in the hospital, we started conducting regular doctor rounds and we feel that we are making a significant difference. We are examining the patients (a surprising new concept in Kiboga), following up, running around the hospital to arrange for different tests (the lab filed a complaint due to the increased work load),...

July 5, 2014

In our last post we told you about our bureaucratic struggles, the long and tedious journey to get the needed papers and documents and arrange ourselves a place to live at.  It was a hectic month, but the house is standing and the neighbors are very nice – most of them are hospital staff and all are very welcoming. Every once in a while someone stops by to bring us avocado, maize or beans from their garden, and at the evening...

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"Medicine on the Equator" during COVID-19 - Development and sustainability during crisis

April 21, 2020

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