Joining the Project

We are looking for doctors and nurses interested in volunteering with the project.
Para-medical professional and medical students (in clinical years only) are also welcomed to join delegations.

Contact information:
Please send us an updated CV and state the time period in which you wish to volunteer


Doctors and nurses volunteering with the project for 3 months or more are entitled to full coverage of expenses – including flights, visas, insurance and living expenses.

Those wishing to volunteer for a shorter period (minimum of 1 month, depending on open vacancies),  as well as medical students
joining delegations, are required to pay for their own expenses.


Costs for those paying for their own expenses (8/2016): Flight tickets – 800-1000$, visa – 100$, vaccinations – around 50$,
personal medications – 50-100$ per month, travel insurance – 60$ per month, expenses – 200-300$ per month.
Accommodation is available for free in the volunteer’s house.

Total of about 1300-1500$ per month, 2000-2300$ for three months.