Exciting new 2019 enters in Kiboga with "Israeli Medicine on the Equator"

Happy 2019 to our Ugandan and Israeli friends and partners

Israel Medicine on the Equator – Building a sustainable model for healthcare systems in rural Africa

Dear friends,

As our project is growing, creating new partnerships and advancing toward a sustainable model- please receive these following updates of our recent work.

Happy New Year 2019!

The project's staff and volunteers.

The Interdisciplinary Diabetes Clinic in Kiboga

The multidisciplinary diabetes clinic has treated 324 patients in 1200 visits since January 2018. In addition, 133 patients with NCD’s were documented in lower facilities HC IV-III and received a thorough and free medical coverage in the past few months by the efforts of the organization to supply medications. How?​

  1. Since the Ugandan Health Minister visited, all the patients in the district receive a free and regular supply of medicine, covered by the government.

  2. New glucometers were supplied to the regional clinics by the government, bringing them one step closer to their independence and having them less dependent on us, as part of our goal to reach sustainability regarding NCD's treatment until 2021.

  3. Additional personals were recruited to the clinic: a part time dietary specialist who instructs the patient on their diet and supports the doctor at the main clinic, and a new registrar, working to improve data collection. Registration in the remote clinics was also improved, now providing us with data about most of our patients.

  4. The clinic added treatment and care for high blood pressure to its services, including a dietary specialist nurse.

New year’s renovation!

The volunteers house was renovated- new toilets and hot water systems were installed, as well as new flooring and ceilings. We wish to thank Solel Bone for covering the costs, and Shay and Anat, the project’s manager and his wife for seeing this renovation through. We can now accommodate 6 volunteers at a time.

Check out the pictures!

New Treatments

1. Gestational diabetes tests in pregnancy monitoring. Initiated by the volunteers and with cooperation of the local nurse who runs it, the pregnancy clinic is now administering gestational diabetes test kits. 15 women were detected and are now under surveillance.

2. A high-risk pregnancy clinic will be opened this month and will be supervised monthly by one of the doctors.

3. The Malnutrition clinic is expanding and has treated 40 children with severe malnutrition this year. We are now planning to conduct registration and data collection in the remote clinics.​

Nursing Internship for Ugandan in Israel

The Kiboga hospital’s children section head nurse, Farook Kasole, arrived this December in Israel for the first time, for a nursing internship in Safra medical center in Sheba’s children’s hospital.

This internship is a part of the collaboration between Sheba’s center for crisis and humanitarian aid and Kiboga’s hospital and was tailored to fit the Ugandan emerging needs, with the assistance of Reut Erlich, our projects volunteer recruiter.

Experience is Virtue

Returning volunteers from Uganda gathered for an afternoon, to draw conclusions and receive feedback on the project. The main goal was to catch up and reconnect everyone to all the new aspects of the program. We wish to thank The Service for hosting us at their offices.

Project Advisory Committee

A new advisory committee was assembled in order to supervise, develop and monitor the project.

In the committee sits Dr Shay Pintov, Dr Reut Harel, Dr Abigail Maayani, Dr Efi Halperin, Nurse Reut Erlich, and Ophir Peleg.


A major exposure by the Israeli Medical Association gave the project a tremendous boost, filling up the first quarter of 2019 with volunteering doctors. We are still open and recruiting for the rest of the year.


An increased support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – considering the medical advancements achieved by the project in the diabetes clinic and in the hospital. The Israeli Embassy in Nairobi subsidized Kiboga hospital’s new humanitarian aid supplies, medicine and critical medical equipment.

An increased support from our partners at Solel Boneh for the daily aspects of the project, and for the renovation of the volunteer’s residence. Thank you!

Looking for more information or want to volunteer?

Please read our pamphlet for volunteers (in Hebrew) and contact us for further information at: med_africa@britolam.org Visit our website: https://www.ima-africa.org/

Join our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Israeli.Medical.Aid.Uganda/

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